The Image of Whiteness: Contemporary Photography and Racialization – Daniel C. Blight


SPBH, 2019
Hardback, 15x19cm
209 pages, black and white and color photographs
English text

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Writer and academic Daniel C. Blight here addresses the theme of the relationship between photography and whiteness. Although the history and theory of photography have critically investigated issues such as colonialism, imperialism and race, what remains unexplored is the analysis of visual representation determined by the cultural and logical structures of whiteness. A necessary reading, however, to begin to understand the extent of the subject: the camera is not innocent, nor are the images it produces.

Whiteness is not only a political, social and legal phenomenon, but it is also a visual one.
The Image of Whiteness offers readers important insights into the history of whiteness, to understand its falsehoods, paradoxes and oppressive nature, and shows how some contemporary photographers are working to subvert its aesthetic canon and, consequently, its power.

Daniel C. Blight is a writer and researcher who lives in London. He teaches at the Royal College of Art and the University of Brighton.

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