The Mushroom Collector – Jason Fulford (1st edition)


The Soon Institute, 2010 (1st edition)
Hardback, 25×31 cm
192 pages, 115 color photographs

Limited edition of 1000 copies

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As photographer Jason Fulford learned firsthand, mushrooms have a way of growing and spreading wherever they touch ground. It all started when a friend of Fulford’s gave him a box, found at a flea market, full of photos of mushrooms – unassuming pictures taken by an unknown but almost certainly amateur photographer, apparently as notes for some mycological studies.

The Mushroom Collector, a project that started when a friend gave Fulford a manila envelope, found at a flea market, full of anonymous photographs of mushrooms. The mushroom images stuck in Fulford’s mind, and then gradually started to grow in his own work.

He gave them to me and I loved them. I took them out every couple of weeks, spread them out on a table, then packed them up again and put them into a drawer. A year later, going through recent contact sheets, I noticed that a relationship had been growing between the mushroom photographs and my own photographs, without my realizing it. That moment of realization was the initial spark for this project. When art succeeds, I think, it stays alive this way—an idea or a sensibility or perspective is passed on from one person to another, and in the process, it changes a little.’

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