The Photograph as Contemporary Art – Melinda Gibson (signed)


Self, 2013
Softcover, 21 x 26,5 cm
300 pages, color photographs
English text

Hand-produced copy, signed

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Taking her cue from curator Charlotte Cotton’s book The Photograph as Contemporary Art, Melinda Gibson cuts out images made by some of the greatest figures in photography, reorganising them into complex, layered compositions in an attempt to explore the processes of circulation and canonisation of iconic images.

“When you are working with images of such profound importance, tearing them apart is not an easy thing to do,” admits Gibson, continuing: “But what you do get is a greater and deeper understanding of how these images came to light and why they became so important.”

In collaboration with the design studio Kummer & Herrman, Gibson transformed the project into an almost conceptual book. The series of collages and their accompanying text were printed as stickers, which the author then glued onto the pages by hand, an operation that took about three hours per volume, making each copy unique, subsequently signed and initialled with the exact time and date of completion.

The images are introduced by a short essay, as rich as it is illuminating, written by ‘our’ Aaron Schuman.

Signed copy!

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