The Pope’s Secrets – Ari Marcopoulos


Nieves/Innen, 2014
Softbound,16.5×24 cm
72 pages, black and white and color photographs
English text

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Marcopoulos seems to have an uncanny connection to the people he photographs, from Andy Warhol to Kiki Smith, John Cage to LL Cool J, and many other famous and unknown figures.
His style brings his subjects closer and captures, without sentimentality or voyeurism, the intimate essence of their daily lives.

Populated with quirky characters, each of Marcopoulos’ photographs is particular to a unique time and place; yet his images reach us through their expression of familiar themes such as the meaning of family, the solitude of nature, and the pursuit of adventure.
Like all great photographers, Marcopoulos has the ability to distill a compelling, timeless image from the flow of activity around us.

The Pope’s Secrets combines all the elements Ari Marcopoulos deals with in his artistic practice.

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