The Silence – Gilles Peress (1st edition)


Scalo, 1995
Softcover, 18 x 15 cm
208 pages, b/w photographs
English text

Perfect overall conditions, light traces of time on the cover

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Magnum photographer Gilles Peress, known for his acclaimed ‘Farewell to Bosnia’, continues his ‘Hate thy brother’ project in this book about the class war in Rwanda.

This war was one of the most brutal and inhuman events of the 20th century, yet somehow the actuality of the atrocity went virtually unnoticed by the Western world. Peress challenges every previous photo-documentary with the publication of this book, and spares nothing. It is a harrowing collection of photographs, impossible to experience with the detachment befitting a historian.

Peress says of the situation in Rwanda: ‘The immensity of this crime is beyond our imagination and is only surpassed by the incredible indifference of the West and the developed nations that could have intervened and prevented the crime… The question raised here is whether man is fundamentally good or bad, whether there is a possible redemption, whether there can be compassion and solidarity’.

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