The Sound of the Woodpecker Bill: New York City – Antonio Rovaldi


Humboldt Books, 2020
Softbound, 17 x 24 cm
576 pages, black and white photographs
English text

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Between the spring of 2016 and 2018, Antonio Rovaldi walked around the perimeter of New York City, pushing along the edges of the five different boroughs that make up the city’s image.

In these border areas the density of cement suddenly fades and nature once again expands. The Canadian geese hatch their eggs and the limuli, strange prehistoric creatures, strand on the beaches, while the few urban traces appear as the last remnants or first outposts of humanity, clues to other possible worlds.

“If I started my long walk along the edges of the five boroughs of New York City again from the beginning, I would probably make a different book than the one I have in front of my eyes now. One thing would remain unchanged: my constant rethinking of where I am coming from, where I am going and at what speed”.

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