Tornando a casa – Alessandra Spranzi


A&M Bookstore, 1997
Softbound, 22×21 cm
56 pages, color photographs
Italian, English

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On returning home we do not expect surprises. We no longer expect them. It is enough for us to find our home again and close the door.

Flames are present because we are present: if we left the house they would either die out or flare up and consume everything.

The pictures do not belong to the artist’s family background, but they are sourced from old magazines from the 1960s. Spranzi selects images of middle-class interiors – bedrooms and living rooms furnished in the latest fashion, kitchens equipped with innovative appliances – that embody the dream of the Italian middle class in the years of the economic boom.
The artist intervenes on the photographs – taken out of their context – introducing a disturbing element into the quiet atmosphere of the house, which is thus transformed into a claustrophobic and hostile environment.

Coming home is easy. Once we open the door and close it behind us, the operation is completed.
What is hard is leaving home, going away without thinking about returning.

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