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Transumanza – Stefano Carnelli (signed)

Transumanza – Stefano Carnelli (signed)


Peperoni Books, 2016
Hardback, 30 x 24 cm
136 pages, 67 color photographs
English, Italian

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Transumanza, or transhumance, is an ancient tradition in Lombardy. 60 shepherds still travel with their flocks today. Accompanied by helpers, dogs and donkeys, they lead 1,000 or more sheep from flatland to the mountains in spring, and back to the flat land in autumn – and here and there they constantly change the pastures. They walk the trails they have learned, follow an inner compass, do not get into each other’s way. They camp in caravans. Many go by foot, sometimes they use pick-up trucks.

Stefano Carnelli has accompanied the shepherds and the sheep along their paths and made photographs. Classic, carefully composed landscape pictures – only that new buildings, industrial plants, highways and telegraph masts can also be seen. And that´s what makes these pictures so strong. You rub your eyes with astonishment. The sheep bewitch everything, whether they pass under a highway bridge, fill the square of a city, block a pass, walk through a new development area in single file, turn their rounds on a parking space or bunch the shrubs in front of a family home. When the flock comes, every place has its magical moment.

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