Umori Naturali – Luigi Ghirri e autori vari


Sala esposizioni Antico Foro Boario, 1988
8 booklets 15x27cm
around 100 pages altogether, b&w and color images
Italian text

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Do you remember, faraway love, how blue your eyes were when you told me ‘I love you’? When I told you so, you became blue all the way to your forehead. A pale blue, turquoise. A wave of foam. Do you remember, my child, the Blue Fairy’s hair? And remember when I was fighting with your kindergarten teacher and I used to tell you that those flowers named ‘eyes of Mary’ , those little celestial flowers were called ‘Veronica’ (…)
Silvio Ceccato.
It’s Christmas, I woke up with the desire to write to you, to know how you are, and to wish you Merry Christmas and all the best for the eighty-eight. Here you are, dear Rossana, here is my green.
Maurizio Ferrini
As you may have noticed, white is the color of warriors. Tired warrior: white flag (…)
Corrado Costa

Umori naturali, natural moods. Seven colors. For each color, two artists and a writer. An exhibition held at the Antico Foro Boario Exhibition Hall in Reggio Emilia in 1988. Among the authors, also Luigi Ghirri and Gianni Berengo Gardin.

Green: Aldo Mondino, Luigi Ghirri, Maurizio Ferrini.
Purple: Jakob De Chirico, Vanna Rossi, Giampaolo Dossena.
Red: Hermann Nitsch, Rita Lintz, Ivanna Rossi.
Yellow: Maura Rovatti, Miro Zagnoli, Giorgio Celli.
White: Claudio Costa, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Corrado Costa.
Blue: Gino Pellegrini, Carla De Gregorio, Silvio Ceccato.
Black: Emanuela Ligabue, Luciano D’Alessandro, Valerio Riova

in the images,  Luigi Ghirri’s booklet

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