Una fotografa ritrovata – Vivian Maier


Contrasto, 2022
Hardcover, 22,5×28 cm
258 pages, b/w photographs
Italian text


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The fascination of the photographer Vivian Maier is due to the mystery surrounding her life and work. The story of the mysterious child photographer who became a media case shortly after her death in 2009 is only known in broad strokes, just as only a small selection of her pictures and a handful of information about her life are known. With an introductory text by writer and curator Marvin Heiferman, the book explores and celebrates Vivian Maier’s life and work from a precise and topical perspective, analysing her work in the context of contemporary American street photography. The book, which is also based on a series of interviews with people who knew her, sheds new light on Vivian Maier’s life and amazing work. The first part of the book consists of a very rich biography of the mysterious photographer, accompanied by numerous, largely unpublished photographs and also images of the photographer’s personal belongings, as well as objects collected during her life that have never before been seen. This is followed by a large collection of photographs, resulting in over 240 images, taken mainly between New York and Chicago, each focusing on a detail, a face, a look. Vivian Maier. A rediscovered photographer reveals the work and life of an extremely private artist, who took an incredible number of images during her lifetime without ever showing them to anyone. As Marvin Heifermann writes, ‘Vivian Maier’s photographs fascinate not only because we are able to see her world through her eyes, but also because they offer us such a vivid example of what artists and all of us need, see and live for’.


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