Veduta dall’alto – Wolfgang Tillmans


Charta, 2002
Softcover, 24 x 29,5 cm
204 pages, 127 color photographs
Italian text

Perfect overall conditions

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Wolfgang Tillmans (Remscheid, 1968) was the first German artist to be awarded the Turner Prize. It was the year 2000 and his work was already well known throughout the world. Difficult to “imprison” in a precise definition, Tillmans changes style from time to time: abstract or landscape photographer, he casually portrays an eclipse or the Concorde, still lifes or tattered clothes abandoned all over the place and cityscapes. The book offers a comprehensive overview of his eclectic and unsettling recent work, and also documents the fragile Blushes or Mental Pictures, compositions in which the photograph does not originate from the negative, but from the direct contact of photosensitive paper with light.

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