Vital Mud – Hiske Altena


The Eriskay Connection, 2023
Softcover, 21,7 × 30,4 mm
144 pages, color and b/w photographs
English text

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In Vital Mud, Hiske Altena explores the theory that life on Earth began in clay. In the 1980s, her uncle, a geologist, found an unusual rattlesnake stone. She discovered organic-looking structures in this stone that she could not explain with existing geological theories. However, the so-called “clay hypothesis,” according to which clay facilitated the evolution of early life forms, seemed to offer a better explanation. Vital Mud takes this theory as a starting point to build a collection of images that changes our perspective and leads us to question our knowledge of the world, reminding us that science is an ongoing search for the unknown, whose point of view is changeable, just as in art.

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