Vitreous China – Ron Jude (2nd edition)


Libraryman, 2017 (2nd edition)
Hardcover, 16×20 cm
54 pages, color photographs
English text

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Vitreous China was born out of the dialogue between Ron Jude’s images, taken in the vicinity of light industrial plants scattered across the American Midwest, and Mike Slack’s short, seemingly autobiographical, limpid yet fragmented narratives, which appear and disappear within the sequence like transparent memories that suddenly emerge only to sink back into oblivion shortly thereafter.

The ‘non-places’ photographed by Jude refer, in the artist’s imagination, to scenes that his grandfather might have had before his eyes in the life he spent as a factory worker in various vitreous china plants. The photographs, thanks to their narrative gaps, in conjunction with the text fragments, thus become a kind of poetic springboard for the imagination, underlining the limits of both languages and testifying to the intangible complexities of memories, narrative and the attempt to reconstruct a hazy past.

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