Wahala – Robin Hinsch (signed)


Gost, 2022
Hardcover, 24,5 x 30 cm
128 pages, color photographs
English text


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The images in Wahala depict both the places in the world where raw materials are extracted from the earth for profit, and the people who make their homes there.
Photographer Robin Hinsch travelled to where the human impact on the planet was particularly visible to confront the viewer with the blunt ecological and human repercussions of the global reliance on fossil fuels.

The photographs in the book were made in the oil fields of the Niger Delta, Nigeria; the coal belt of Jharkhand, India; and the open cast mines of Brandenburg and North Rhine- Westphalia in Germany and Silesia in Poland.
Deviating from straight documentary, the book constructs new narratives of associative imagery to tell the story of exploitation—both by international companies and by those living in the areas impacted by their presence, in turn, hacking into the system.

“Fossil fuel infrastructures are manifold and extend well into our immediate environment. From wellheads, oil pipelines, coal mines, tunnels and elevators, these channels of fire fork, branch out and merge back into large bunkering facilities, refineries, power plants, and filling stations. Finally, they reach the tanks of our cars, the smaller gas pipelines of our houses, the electricity with which we charge our phones. In fact, the massive activity of burning fossil fuels sticks, in one way or another, to anything we buy in the supermarket. Next to nothing would make it to the shelves without the fuel burnt in trucks, containerships and airplanes. Oil and coal are fueling a gigantic choreography of commodities and people, moving around the earth on an ever-greater scale and with ever more speed. Fossil fuels thus stick to our lives like a fine coating only visible in black light, a thin, invisible layer, viscous and almost impossible to wash off.”
— Moritz Frischkorn


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