Walls. A Wired Tale – Lorenzo Castore


Grani Edizioni, 2022
Softcover + slipcase, 16 x 23 cm
B/w photographs
Italian and English text

The copy is an artist proof, therefore not numbered.

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In the presence of Dionysus, the god we cannot observe without him doing the same, we are overwhelmed by his strength.
Eros is intoxication and awareness, enthusiasm and knowledge. Tenderness and violence arise from a dance which is animal and divine at the same time and imposes on the viewer an involvement beyond the intellectual, an immersion in the living, manifestation of the power that generates forms. Initiatic journey, once returned from which we will never be the same again.

Walls, beautifully handmade in a print run of only 125 copies, is the result of photographs and stills from Super 8 films taken in Calcutta, Venice and Rome in January, June and October 2020. The protagonist is Alice Raffaelli, photographed and filmed by Castore during performance sessions arising from an idea by the author.

The copy is an artist proof, therefore not numbered.

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