When Strawberries Will Grow on Trees, I Will Kiss U – Nicolas Polli

Ciao Press, 2020
Hardback,  24 x 29,6 cm
144 pages, color photographs

Conceived during the first year of the pandemic, at a time when restrictions were particularly violent, ‘When Strawberries Will Grow on Trees, I Will Kiss U’ explores the feelings of loneliness, weakness and insecurity that the author, Nicolas Polli, found himself feeling.

Three months of shut-ins in which Polli had to – like all of us – stop and look inside himself, searching for a combination of insecurity and poetry, desire and lust.
This book, digging into our atavistic need to touch and be touched, into the desire to share our everyday life with someone, shows that – perhaps fortunately – there are situations in which the goals we set ourselves or that contemporary society imposes on us are unattainable.
In the constraint of immobility, the author rediscovers the desire to photograph, in an attempt to answer questions about man that perhaps do not need to be answered.

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