Workbooks – Nigel Shafran


Loose Joints, 2024 Softcover, 17 x 23 cm 512 pages, 260 color photographs English text

Scheduled for release in May 2024

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Workbooks collects the fruits of Nigel Shafran’s creative research from 1984 to 2023; the sketches, annotations and photographs collected over the years form an interesting and fertile archive, offering a glimpse into the backstage of the famous British photographer’s artistic mind.

“Books have been the main medium through which Nigel Shafran’s photographic work has become known. He understands the gift of their materiality and has carefully attended to their final form and realisation. But Shafran’s interest in book production is also an integral part of how he constructs his ideas and projects. Everything stems from the process that sees his photographs – immediately after they have been taken – printed, edited and pasted into the pages of bound volumes that are part workbooks, part diaries, part memoirs.

“These working documents are informal books, but, partly in preparation for decisions that will later define the actual publications, they are carefully assembled and richly embellished. Each is filled with drawings, notes and bits of everyday ephemera as well as photographs, and each has a particular aesthetic, with an easy feeling for material craft as well as visual simplicity and clarity that is characteristic of Shafran’s intuitive organising principles and his entire working process.” — David Chandler

Scheduled for release in May 2024

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