Zhang Xiao – A Hometown


Jiazazhi, 2021
2 books + box set, 18×13,5 cm
1112 pages, color photographs
Chinese and English text

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A Hometown: 2056 kilometers, 360 villagers, countless apples & a farewell

Since 2011, artist Zhang Xiao has transferred all his research to his hometown, a place obviously associated with his growth and memory. At first, he created a series of works using polaroid emulsion, as a metaphor for the process of tearing and repairing himself and his city, in order to find a balance between memory and reality.

Then, after emptying the old stuff from the drawers of his house, he rummaged through the old photo albums of his relatives and went to the local photo studios to get a portrait of all the villagers. Zhang in his work quotes Fei Xiaotong and his rural China: ‘Each specific living group has its own special language, and there are many words and phrases that cannot be translated into other languages.

Zhang gradually built up, or rediscovered, the rural ‘aesthetic’ that surrounded him at an early age, the various types of visual perception, which complemented and contrasted with the urban dimension, with fashion, with modernity.

In his exploration of the city, the apple symbol has taken on an important role, becoming the symbol with which the artist marks the places scattered around the city where he has drawn materials or created a work. These points scattered around an urban location, when seen all at once, constitute an orchard. He said: “My creation follows a process from ‘surface’ to ‘line’, from ‘line’ to ‘point’. I wanted that point to be replaced by an apple.”

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