Alles / Études Books N°21 – Tobias Zielony


Études Books, 2019 Copertina rigida, 17 x 24 cm 48 pagine, fotografie a colori Lingua inglese e francese

I edizione di sole 300 copie


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L’adolescenza nella Germania riunificata attraverso le disarmanti fotografie di Tobias Zielony, scattate tra il 1997 e il 2005, introdotte da uno splendido testo opera di Boaz Levin.

Growing up is all about rituals, rites of passage. The invisible thresholds between childhood and youth, youth and adulthood, are violent, consolidating identity and, in the process, eradicating difference and indeterminacy.
… The world is a stage and nothing, it seems, can go wrong. But it can be painful, as violence, and error, and growth, and change are.
— dal testo di Boaz Levin

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