Boso Fudoki – Issei Suda


Superlabo, 2015
Copertina morbida, 21.6 x 28 cm
32 pagine, fotografie in b/n
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Edizione limitata di 750 copie

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Giorni di Attesa: 20

“Nearly three years after I moved to the countryside beside the Sotobo rail line, I found while driving around the east and south parts of Chiba prefecture, that some of the sightseeing spots I used to visit as a tourist are now within the scope of my everyday life.

When I am traveling, I wonder about the history of and literature based upon the place I am visiting. When I live near such places on which history and novels were written however, I am barely reminded of what I used to read about these areas. Come to think of it, it is quite fascinating that I live very close to the settings of historical legends and famous fictional stories. This is the origin of the concept of Boso Fudoki.

edizione limitata di 750 copie

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