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OUTSIDE IN – Stephen Gill

OUTSIDE IN – Stephen Gill


NobodyBooks, 2010
Copertina rigida, 16,5 x 20,5 cm 
64 pagine, fotografie a colori
Lingua inglese

Edizione di 1250 copie


The photographs in this book were made in Brighton and Hove during 2010. They feature objects and creatures that I scooped up from the local surroundings and introduced into the body of my camera.

The results included some highly detailed macro recordings amongst and within the landscapes and portraits. I like to think of these photographs as in-camera photograms in which conflict or harmony has been randomly formed in the final image depending on where the objects landed.

I also used a magnifying glass to concentrate the Brighton sunlight onto some of the negatives in order to etch markings directly onto the image. Some of the negatives I dipped in the sea. I was imagining and hoping the finished series would be like the regurgitated contents of a giant vacuum cleaner.

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