Purple ten years – Christophe Brunnquell


Purple Institute, 2002
Copertina morbida, 21×27 cm
Fotografie in b/n
Lingua inglese

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[…] We launched Purple Prose in the early 1990s without any means, and without any experience, because we wanted to make a magazine that was radically different. We wanted to support the artists around us that no one else supported, much less talked about. [..] It would be a form of opposition of our own, different from the critical jargon of the generation of ’68. [..] From a visual standpoint, we represented the break from ’80s imagery (like Richard Avedon’s photography for Versace, for example). From an artistic standpoint, the artists of the early ’90s were rising up against art as capital fetish [..]. In saying that Purple is the portrait of a generation, I mean it’s a portrait of those who embody their times. At the same time, it’s a portrait of myself and Elein Fleiss, our ideas, our lives, and our aesthetics.

Purple ten tears è un progetto collaborativo di Christophe Brunnquell, art director di lunga data della storica rivista francese Purple, e del fotografo Anders Edström. La seguente pubblicazione presenta una selezione di ben dieci anni di riviste, rifotografate per l’occasione e mostrate in un unico libro.

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