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Skinnerboox, 2022
Copertina rigida, 20×24 cm
96 pagine, fotografie b/n
Lingua inglese

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SCAPES contains some of Divola’s greatest series in Black and White like “Four Landscapes”, “As Far As I Could Get” and “Dogs chaising my car in the desert”.

Cameras and their users are caught between the universal and the particular. Photography and photographs; humanity and whatever specific kind of human we happen to be.
There is at least something existentially universal about Divola’s photographic adventures. The lone observer moving through the world and reflecting upon it through various camera possibilities. But nobody is truly universal, or only universal. We each come wrapped in our particulars, just as each and every photograph belongs to the universe of photography precisely insofar as it is particular. Forever the two.
When I look at Divola’s photographs, I sense something universal because I sense all the particulars. Yes, a white, male, middle class Southern Californian, post-conceptual artist of the kind that makes these kinds of photographs. But nobody makes photographs quite like Divola.
He is one of a kind, and therein are the universal and the particular.

[from the text by David Campany]

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