The Moon Has Lost Her Memory – Deanna Templeton


Superlabo, 2017
Copertina rigida, 18.4 x 22 cm
96 pagine, fotografie b/n
Lingua inglese

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In The Moon Has Lost Her Memory, Deanna Templeton strings together a selection of photographs from her archive, some dating as far back as 16 years, and knits them along with fragments from T.S. Eliot’s ‘Rhapsody on a Windy Night’ into an observational rumination on humankind and their activities under the cloak of night. The poem and the images harmonize in the pleasing hum of street lamps and the surrounding shadows. In a dark corner of a cafe a bored couple await their bill, staring out into oblivion as a flock of women squished into shiny dresses flutters across the street, car headlamps filtering through their spindly legs balanced on high heels teetering along the asphalt. Her camera peers into open doors at forlorn men in bars drinking by themselves as the world dances around them reveling in the darkness. The light sings in her frames, long exposures seared into the film, both the glow of the moon and garish neon signs glancing off the faces her subjects as they move through the night. Deanna Templeton’s sensitive eye gazes upon the after-hours denizens of London, Barcelona, Los Angeles, and Rome as they perform the rituals of the night, drunken gaiety for some and isolated solitude for others.

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