TIS01 – CARL WOOLEY / J CARRIER / NELSON CHAN / TIM CARPENTER (edizione limitata e numerata)

TIS Books, 2015
4 volumi
Copertine morbide, 14×19 cm
220 pagine, fotografie b/n e colori
Lingua inglese
300 copie numerate a mano

Condizioni perfette, pari al nuovo

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The inaugural TIS offering comes from four photographers who have worked collaboratively and apart since 2010. Although each book stands as its own idiosyncratic statement, taken together they propose a way of looking at the real world with clarity and precision.

4 volumi in edizione di 300 copie numerate a mano

Tim Carpenter: A house and a tree

J Carrier: (untitled)

Nelson Chan: Welcome Home

Carl Wooley: Mile

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