Toshio Shibata – Yodaka (ed. limitata e firmata)


Nazraeli, 2016
I edizione
Copertina rigida + cofanetto, 30 x 38 cm
48 pagine, fotografie b/n
Lingua inglese

Disponibile su ordinazione

Giorni di Attesa: 15

Edizione limitata di 350 copie numerate e firmate dall’autore


I had just returned to Japan in 1980, after studying for four years in Flanders where time moves slowly, and the atmosphere is very relaxed. In addition to the rapidly advancing westernization, the reality of this new Tokyo, where old pre-war Showa is blended with modern Showa (post-war) looked disorderly and chaotic to me, and it was not easy to capture it visually. I struggled to realize my own mode of expression in this home country of mine, and began by chasing lights of the night-time to deflect this chaos.” – Toshio Shibata, from the Afterword


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Giorni di attesa


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