Vincent Delbrouck – Beyond History (edizione limitata e firmata)


Bold Publishing, 2008
Copertina morbida,19×28 cm
210 pagine, fotografie a colori

Edizione limitata di 1000 copie numerate e firmate


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An antipoetic trip inside another Havana, in complete and crazy family intimacy. A neighborhood, a bird in a cage, a girl with a cigarette, a dirty and enchanting autofiction.

« Then – and this is exactly when VD’s inclusive vision works its magic – comes a picture of a terrapin in a filthy, broken bowl. This is poetry and antipoetry (the facing page carries a poem by Gutiérrez called “Material Antipoético” – translation in the back). Everything that a consumer-driven society obsessed by perfection would find depressing and cheap and ugly and sad is made beautiful in its unbeauty. This is VD’s great achievement and his great love. »

Max Houghton – foto8 magazine.

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