Wake – Adam Jeppesen


Steidl, 2008
Copertina rigida, 17 x 21 cm
48 pagine, fotografie a colori
Lingua inglese

Condizioni perfette


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Danish documentary filmmaker and photographer Adam Jeppesen’s Wake was assembled over a period of several months in the backwoods of Finland. Rather than fall pray to Nordic melancholy while in seclusion, Jeppesen constructed a poetic, dreamlike sequence from his archive of past images that, in its arrangement, reflects the emotional and aesthetic clarity afforded by solitude. Composed of personal work made while traveling on assignment for the past seven years, this monograph is a personal psychological study. As the title suggests, the images in this volume inhabit the liminal space between darkness and twilight, the torpid state between sleeping and waking. The specificity of people, places and things gives way to light, color and texture. This series is infused with a quiet drama, an impression that something just out of reach lies below the surface of each image.

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